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The Power of NO2 Call System will take your lists, your goals, your surveys and do the calling for you. We are not a telemarketing company! We are prospectors. This unique call system looks for the people who donít want your product and crosses them off your list. At the end of the process you will have prospects who are definitely interested in hearing more about your services or product. Click To Learn More.

The Positive Power of NO: How that little word you love to hate can make or break your business.  Read about the book, peruse the Table of Contents and print out an order form here.


Power of NOô works with companies and their managers
to set limits that defend and ensure their strategic goals.
Then we train why, when, where, and how to
NO based on those limits.

"The Power of NOô is that advantage you get when you're as clear about what you DONíT want as you are about what you WANT."

What do we mean by that? . . .

 Think about your business like most other personal challenges you've faced.

For decades any number of personal development gurus and executive coaches have implored us to focus on our goals, visualize them and they will come true.  The Power of NOô is the addendum to that concept that will DOUBLE its effectiveness. 

When you realize that focusing ON something actually means aggressively NOT attending to anything else, YOUíVE GOT IT!  How can you focus ON  an outcome and do things that delay, obscure, unfocus, or even prevent that outcome?  When you decide what you want, then shape your actions, thoughts, and directives away from all that opposes it.  You want consistent responses to your management directives?  DONíT change directives on a whim.  You want better customers?  STOP spending time on less-than-ideal prospects.  You want to lose 10 pounds?  DONíT eat high fat foods.  This isnít rocket science!  But it can be difficult. You can visualize yourself as slim and trim all you want.  Until you STOP eating the wrong stuff, your goal will not be met.

The Power of NOô lives in the realm of TOUGH DECISIONS.  Itís where your COMMITMENT to improvement gets tested to the fullest.  Itís NEW.  Itís CHANGE.  Itíll take your business to the NEXT LEVEL. 

Visualizing only what we want is only half the battle.  Knowing why, when, where and how to say ďNOĒ doubles the effectiveness.


"WOW, what an impact you had on our entire selling process!!"

Thomas R. Sears,President,
Riverbend Capital Group, Inc.

If you would like more information about our services,
please give us a call
Toll Free

St. Louis based The Power of NOô works with clients to set limits which defend and secure their strategic planning, teach them how to say NO when those limits are crossed, and consequently improve outcomes.

The The Power of NOô Faculty coach, speak, facilitate workshops and consult in specialty areas.

Meet "the Power of NOô"Group!

Kim started The Power of NOô after thirty years of working in intangibles, retailing, manufacturing, computer hardware and software, and services industries.

He KNOWS sales process management and prospecting because it's what he's done his entire professional career.

He KNOWS what is a perfect fit for him and his message . . .  Do You?

Kim DeMotte, President
(click on picture for Kim's Bio)


What others are saying . . .

"CEOs of all (such) firms should require an understanding of
'The Power of NO' by their Project Managers."

Tim Weir, V.P., Sec/Treas., AMF Electric
and past Chairman ABC National Electrical Contractors Council.

"Kim's message was very apropos and was presented in a very understandable way."

Karen Garcia, Executive Director,  Professional Women's Home Offices, Inc.

"Kim, your message is a powerful one and I would recommend you to anyone"

Shary S. Raske, MBA Programs, St. Louis University

"In thirty years I never would have guessed
that I would believe in the word "NO" as much as I do today.

Ted Gambogi, Vice President, Maritz Marketing Research, Inc.


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