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Catch & Release Prospecting Process from Power of NO


·     Need to Generate more sales QUICKLY?

 ·      Our Catch & Release Process will improve the profitability of your current sales process,


·     Shorten sell cycles at the same time.


We coach individuals, present workshops, and develop prospect mining systems for companies that want to make how they sell more effective.


It is a program that teaches companies that all prospects are not equal, and shows salespeople how to quickly identify their best and worst prospects.  CATCH & RELEASE creates a filter system that keeps costly sales resources from being wasted on marginal prospects while identifying MORE quality prospects.                             

Catch & Release is totally scaleable.  It’s a process that works for sole proprietors as well as multi-million dollar enterprises. 

When we work with you, we’ll focus on four things:


                       Generating a detailed evaluation of your current customer base and product/service offering.

                Developing a crystal clear definition of the perfect customer/prospect and what it IS NOT.

        Putting prospects in front of your sale people that look like and buy like your best customers.

                   Providing a baseline of process predictability from custom pilot projects.


When we’re finished, you will have….  

                        …found add-on business you didn’t have before.

                        …improved the profitability of your business mix.

                        …shortened the average sell cycle from discovery to close, and

                        …developed momentum to carry this efficiency into your future.

Power of NO has developed several methods for you to learn and ‘test-drive’ it’s Catch & Release Process.  You may start at any level below, and stop at any level. 

Level I, Coaching:

Power of NO has developed a one-on-one version of Catch & Release to help the sole proprietor or individual practitioner learn how to discern which prospects are worth spending valuable time, energy and money on.  Further, you will develop skills for quickly discovering the prospects that are NOT going to help you get to that next level, and avoiding the costly mistakes of over-qualifying potential new business.  Level I is also an efficient way for one or more managers in an organization to ‘get their feet wet’ in this unique new process. Includes two half-day sessions (either in person or telephonically), workbook, and 6 months telephone coaching and follow-up.

Level II, Workshop:

Power of NO brings the Catch & Release concept into your company.  This is a half day or full day program designed to give the organization all the knowledge it needs to set off and build it’s own Catch & Release program.  Up to 20 participants, materials, workbooks included.

Level III, Pilot Project:

Let Power of NO prove the concepts you’ve learned.  In 90 days you will know exactly how the Catch & Release program will work for your company in your market.  And if you should decide not to build your own system, you will still end up with a vastly improved prospect list, a clear understanding of who in the marketplace is NOT a prospect for you, and some very qualified prospective business.

Level IV, In-house System:

Given the statistical outcomes from the Pilot Project, you decide a Catch & Release system is right for your organization.  What next?  Using the system parameters developed in the Pilot Project, Power of NO will assess your organizations prospecting needs and install that system including manpower on your premises.  This will include finding and training the appropriate personnel, training the management of that personnel and developing the feedback and adjustment systems necessary to keep your Catch & Release program up-to-date and effective.

In addition to the above programs, the faculty of Power of NO are speakers and breakout facilitators on using the Power of NO in many areas such as Hiring and Retention, Women in Business, Managing Change and Career, Lowering Manufacturing Error Rates (Six Sigma) as well as the Sales Process. 

A Case Study . . .

Susan Bishop started Bishop Partners with the aim of making it the best boutique executive-search firm in the business. Specializing in television, radio, and publishing industries, her plan was to beat out her larger, established competitors through superb execution. Great service would lead to happy clients, which would lead to more business, which would keep clients happy, which would lead to even more business. A virtuous circle, right?

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