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(Seated, L-R) Scott Levine, Kim DeMotte, and Hank Epstein.
 (Standing, L-R)             Sarah Bassett, Margaret DeMotte, Art Kimbrough, and Linda Nash.

Sarah Bassett

e-mail Sarah at

The Power of NO, while designed for organizations, is generated person by person.  Open Mind  works with men and women in leadership to improve their individual outcomes by setting limits and saying NO.


Kim DeMotte 

e-mail Kim at

Catch & Release is a unique business generating process designed to lower the cost of acquiring new customers and improve business mix by avoiding prospects that waste time and resources.


Margaret DeMotte 

 e-mail Margaret at

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. They told you that all customers were worth your effort; that all customers are the same; that they all benefit your company.  I’m here to tell you, they are wrong!  Not all customers add the same amount to your bottom line.  In fact some may even cost you money. 


Hank Epstein  e-mail Hank at
BetterBoss is a real time coaching process that delivers quantum improvements in productivity and retention from a focus on superior job matching, disciplined expectation setting, and meaningful motivating…one department at a time.


David Allen  e-mail David at
Trade'n and Make'n Deals is a good model for 21st century selling. Trade’n and make’n deals doesn’t have the same negative baggage associated with today’s word “selling”.  Modern selling is not one sided. Modern selling is a mutual process of discovery.   When trade’n and make’n deals the NO DEAL choice is the best choice if it does not fit one or the other parties.  


Art Kimbrough e-mail Art at
The Art of Strategy is a strategic planning system based on the belief that effective strategy is as much about what you are NOT as what you ARE.  Setting limits keeps progress on track.


Scott Levine e-mail Scott at
HR-Comply establishes limits on management and employee behavior resulting in employees at all levels understanding what is expected of them, and dramatically improving company-wide clarity and cooperation.


Linda Nash e-mail Linda at
Change Factor includes the Bounce Back Quotient assessment tools that assist individuals and organizations in transitioning chaos quickly, determining what to say NO to,  and effectively transforming to thrive in the future.

The above Power of NO processes are designed to address specific issues you may face when managing the future of your business.


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