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Managing Outcomes by Limit Theory™

  • Why don’t we say "NO?"
  • Unleashing the human potential of your employees
  • People work best when they just know what you want out of them
  • Establishing clear outcomes
  • Establishing workable limits within which the outcomes can be produced
  • Letting everyone know to what they can say "NO" without fear of retribution
  • Developing Adult-Adult relationships with your direct reports

Additional information/useful adjunct

    Dr. Lynn Walker of Walker Management Psychologists is developing a management process called Boundary Management®.  Dr. Walker and this author developed versions of this thesis over a period of years while working with mutual clients.  Boundary Management® and Limit Theory are both based on John Carver's work (The Policy Governance Fieldbook, Boards That Make A Difference: A New Design for Leadership in Non-Profit and Public Organizations). They lead to the concept that managing outcomes is best served by clearly defining the desired outcome and establishing behavioral limits around the persons asked to produce those outcomes, but clearly not directing their every action.  In this manner, the full creativity and resources of the employee can be unleashed.  See Boundary Management®.  

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