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Catch & Release

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I coach individuals, present workshops, and develop prospect DISqualification systems for companies that want to make how they sell more effective.

My program, CATCH & RELEASE is NOT SALES TRAINING.  It is a program that teaches companies that all prospects are not equal, and shows salespeople how to quickly identify their best and worst prospects. Then we'll work together to create a filter system based on limits that keep costly sales resources from being wasted on marginal prospects.

Catch & Release is totally scaleable.  It’s a process that works for sole proprietors as well as multi-million dollar enterprises.

Prospecting Bootcamp

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A half day workshop on basics of The Power of NO™ and Limit Theory™ applied to finding new business (Catch & Release principles).  You will learn which prospects are worthy of your efforts and how to sort through the pile to find your best next customers!

Sole Practitioners and Saying NO

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The The Power of NO™ preserving your individual time, resources and sanity. Critically important for speakers, consultants, and individual service providers.

Managing Outcomes by Limit Theory™

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The The Power of NO™ applied to task management in the workplace. Outcome based management using clearly defined limits that free employees to recognize their potential in the workplace.

You're just a gal who cain't say no!

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In the Rodgers and Hammerstein hit of the 40's and 50's, Oklahoma, Gloria Grahame as Ado Annie sang "I'm just a gal who cain't say no".  Is that you?   Women in the business world tend to be culturally vulnerable to challenges saying NO.

Parenting with the Power of NO™

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Kids need practice saying NO.  If parents continually set all their kids' limits for them they grow to early adulthood with no practice in the skills required to say NO.  The Power of NO™ should be taught and nurtured in a safe environment.

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