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Sole Practitioners and Saying "NO"

  • Why can’t we say "NO?"
  • "NO" and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  • Companies have lots of labor….you have you!
  • The 80/20 (Pareto) Rule and you!
  • What customers do you have today you’d take ten more of?
  • What customers do you have today you wouldn’t mind never seeing again?
  • All customers are not created equal
  • How many hats can you wear at one time anyway?
  • Customer service does not mean bending over backwards and jumping through a hoop.
  • Developing adult-adult relationships with your clients and prospects.
  • The Six Weapons of Influence and how to defend yourself.
  • Selling Honestly

Suggested Links:

Honest Selling is an organization dedicated to the improvement of the selling situation for service professionals.  Based primarily on Jacques Werth's treatise "High Probability Selling", Honest Selling is a system that streamlines the approach service professionals are already using – being honest with their prospects – and saves about 85 percent of the previously wasted time.  Take a look at Honest Selling.

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